IPG Australia is a majority Indigenous owned and managed company focused on creating opportunities and pushing the boundaries for Indigenous business. Our client relationships are built on a foundation of respect and a desire to promote sustainable business practices.


Our Vision.


IPG Australia has demonstrated ability to develop strong working relationships with local Indigenous communities in remote, rural and urban regions across NSW, Queensland and the Northern Territory.


Through our partnership networks we aim to provide local employment opportunities within your business community.We have a core team of highly skilled leading hands, operators and tradespersons bringing skills and experience to every project.


IPG Australia provides extensive training, support and assistance to all our teams on the ground to ensure your project runs to schedule – on time and on budget.

Company Profile.


IPG Australia is a joint venture business between Indigenous Success Australia and the Milbrae Business Group. It combines the knowledge, experience and expertise of the Indigenous community with specialist skills and equipment to provide unique contracting solutions for the Australian resources industry.


IPG Australia brings industry and community stakeholders together to create successful, productive and sustainable business practices. 


We aim to build relationships with the traditional land owners to support projects and at the same time gain valuable knowledge from the local community and surrounding environment.


The IPG Australia network spans the Eastern states and we have existing business relationships with several Traditional Owner groups across NSW and Queensland.